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كتاب رائع جداً في Hydraulics .... من نوع PDF عدد صفحاته حوالي 176 صفحة


Plant Engineer's Handbook
megaupload.com PU2FAWW1

-Industrial Machinery Repair : Best Maintenance Practices Pocket Guide
megaupload.com JC6OJG5Z

Piping Materials Guide

Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants: Volume 3, Second Edition : Machinery Component Maintenance and Repair (Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants)

Author: Heinz P. Bloch Fred K. Geitner
ISBN: 0872017818
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing - 29 October, 1990

megaupload.com/tr WG7YI033

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Piping Materials Guide

Author: Peter Smith
ISBN: 0750677430
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books - December 2004

megaupload.com/tr E36C572D

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Introduction to Predictive Maintenance

Author: Keith Keith Mobley R. Keith Mobley
ISBN: 0750675314
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books - August 2002

megaupload.com/tr 6ZVYUBH6

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Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants: Volume 1, Third Edition : Improving Machinery Reliability (Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants)

Author: Heinz P. Bloch
ISBN: 0884156613
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing - 18 September, 1998

megaupload.com/tr 0LNF36MT

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Engineering Tribology

Author: Gwidon Stachowiak A. W. Batchelor
ISBN: 0750673044
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books - September 2000

megaupload.com/tr HQ50TKSI

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Marine Structural Design

Author: Yong Bai
ISBN: 0080439217
Publisher: Elsevier Science - 05 August, 2003

megaupload.com/tr 56SQSOVG

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Engineering Rock Mechanics

Author: John A. Hudson J. P. Harrison
ISBN: 0080438644
Publisher: Elsevier Science - 01 August, 2000

megaupload.com/tr O5IZ405X

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Practical Ship Design, Vol. 1

Author: David G. M. Watson D. G. Watson
ISBN: 0080429998
Publisher: Elsevier Science Limited - December 1998

megaupload.com/tr ZROPJRVJ

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Advances in Bonded Composite Repair of Metallic Aircraft Structure

Author: A. Baker F. Rose (Editor) R. Jones (Editor)
ISBN: 0080426999
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books - November 2002

megaupload.com/tr IMGCZ17F v2

megaupload.com/tr FLE0QFJR v1

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Carbon Nanotubes

Author: Morinubo Endo M. S. Dresselhaus (Editor) S. Iijima (Editor)
ISBN: 0080426824
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books - January 1997

megaupload.com/tr 6PHHDQKP

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Productive Safety Management

Author: Tania Mol
ISBN: 075065922X
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books - August 2003

megaupload.com/tr 0TNAEAPV

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كتاب تقنية الرجل الالي الذكي Designing Autonomous Mobile Robots


Designing Autonomous Mobile Robots
ISBN: 0750676833|Author: John M. Holland|Publisher: Newnes|352 pages

Authored by a well-know pioneer of mobile roboticsLearn how to approach the design of and complex control system with confidence

Designing Autonomous Mobile Robots introduces the reader to the fundamental concepts of this complex field. The author addresses all the pertinent topics of the electronic hardware and software of mobile robot design, with particular emphasis on the more difficult problems of control, navigation, and sensor interfacing.

Covering topics such as advanced sensor fusion, control systems for a wide array of application sensors and instrumentation, and fuzzy logic applications, this volume is essential reading for engineers undertaking robotics projects as well as undergraduate and graduate students studying robotic engineering, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science. Its state-of-the-art treatment of core concepts in mobile robotics helps and challenges readers in exploring new avenues in an exciting field. The accompanying CD-ROM provides software routines for the examples cited as well as an electronic version of the ****.

Background Concepts; Measure Twice, Cut Once; The Hardware; The Basics of Real-Time Software (for Mortals); Thinking More Clearly through Fuzzy Logic; Closed Loop Systems, Rabbits and Hounds; Communication Control; Basic Navigation; Dead-Reckoning, the Living Core; Navigation as a Filtering Process; Fear and Caution; Navigation Agents and Arbitration; Hard Navigation vs. Fuzzy Navigation; Becoming Unstuck in Time; Preprogramming vs. Teaching; Command and Control; Diagnostics; That's Strange Behavior for a Major Appliance!; What Happened? The Importance of Logging and Reporting; The Law of Conservation
of Defects and the Art of Debugging

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Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics

megaupload.com PO9RIS85

Tribology in Machine Design

by Tadeusz Stolarski
ISBN: 0750636238
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann - 28 December, 1999

megaupload.com AKU1I3VG

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Metal Machining

Author: Thomas H. Childs K. Maekawa Thomas Childs
ISBN: 034069159x
Publisher: Elsevier Publishing Company - April 2000

megaupload.com/tr 79PWHXOV

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megaupload.com/tr 3OQQ7U41
Books: Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using MATLAB

paladinerdem contributed:
Author: H. B. Wilson Louis H. Turcotte David Halpern
ISBN: 158488262X
Publisher: CRC Press - 17 September, 2002
Format: Hardcover

Jack Hu, Zdzislaw Marciniak, John Duncan, “Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming”, 2nd Edition
Butterworth-Heinemann | ISBN 0750653000 | June 2002 | 211 Pages | PDF 1,9 Mb

The **** provides an excellent review of the current practices in industry. Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming concentrates on simple, applicable, methods rather than complex numerical techniques to provide the practising engineer and student with practical approaches to sheet metal forming.


Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook
ISBN: 0884157326
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books - December 2001
megaupload.com D482NZ67

كل مايلزم المهندس والفني وفي مختلف التخصصات والمهن Black&Decker Everyday Home Repairs

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